Friday, 13 April 2012

Francois Boucher and Pavel Pepperstein

Pet'ka Quasar, 2011

This glorious drawing by François Boucher on Galerie Katrin Bellinger’s stand at the Salon du Dessin in Paris this year was breathtaking. Boucher used three chalks in The Head of a girl holding a rose (black, red and white chalk on buff paper) to capture the light particularly well and stretch the precision and tonal range of a quick sketch. The result is an astonishingly vivid depiction of a fleeting moment, the subject seen in profile, lost in thought with her fingers distractedly plucking at a rose.
Over on Galerie Kewenig’s stand, there was a wonderfully whimsical watercolour by Pavel Pepperstein entitled Pet’ka Quasar. We loved the mixture of colors and ethereal shapes, and it made us look again at the 1972 Russian film Peter in Cosmos (Pet’ka Quasar) to which the drawing alludes.

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