Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Kenny Schachter for the Design Miami Blog

Here is a radical plan to enliven the ever and increasingly staid and predictable Basel fair and give the Design Miami/ Basel fair its due—stay with me here: I think the design should be altogether folded and absorbed into the body of the main fair. In fact, Art Basel should go one step further than the Cologne fair that hosted an autonomous NADA fair within the belly of the main event, but still separated; and, in a seamless and nonhierarchical manner, fully integrate the design amongst it’s happy bedfellow, the art.

In another move towards abolishing the dull sameness of big art fairs, the second floor of Art Basel, hosting the more adventurous, less established and canonized art and artists should collapse and mix with its forefathers. We don’t really live or think in a chronological universe where history is simply linear; rather, the future is a non-narrative zone where we bounce between things, with a little more randomness and chaos—don’t fear, fair organizers, give us a little more credit to make our own associations and juxtapositions without spoon-feeding us the identical line, over and over. Call it a dose of creative destruction to cure us from the disease of chronic (fair) fatigue syndrome.


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