Thursday, 21 February 2013

Vincenzo de Cotiis at Design Days Dubai

This ‘Modular Element Assembled Lamp’ and ‘Irregular Shaped Coffee Table’ by Vincenzo de Cotiis was presented at the second edition of Design Days Dubai, a four day fair which ends today. 
The lamp is silvered brass tubing with inserted fluorescent lights and the table is a silvered brass top, which has been manually oxidized upon a translucent resin base.

Both are unique pieces and capture so many emotions and ideas and at the same time create a unique experience for those of us lucky enough to interact with them. 
In researching Vincenzo de Cotiis, I found the description of his work on his website to be incredibly enchanting and inspiring so instead of trying to write something new I've summarized it here:
Vincenzo de Cotiis marries the sense of space of an architect with the sensibility to materials of a plastic artist. He forges pure forms by following an organic process which allows the final product to retain traces of the process. Touch plays as important a role as sight in the generation of structures and solutions. Crystalline, pure lines are charged with a new energy in the counterpoint of textures and parts. Materials are precious, raw, sometimes salvaged, always with intense evocative power. Style results from the raw precision of the finishes, from the unexpected associations of parts, from a choice of faded colours that incorporate the signs and scratches of time. The De Cotiis esthetic is all about perfect imperfection.'

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