Thursday, 28 March 2013

Erwan Boulloud at Art Paris Art Fair

ArtParis is electric! Young designers are breaking new ground with works that are thoughtful, playful and experimental in turns. We are very excited about the energy and quality presented last evening at the vernissage! Stay tuned from more on this fair in our upcoming article for AAD!
The two works presented above by Erwan Boulloud are presented by Parisian Galerie Acabas. The intertwining floor lamps play with movement and shadow while absorbing and emitting light simultaneously. The designers furniture ideas each began as sculptural explorations making their there functionality secondary. In the designers words, ‘Each creation represents the snapshot of a history in ongoing evolution bearing the imprint of a perceptible movement. Works succeed each other, creating lines, junctions, crossings, disappearances and mutations.’

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