Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The extraordinary work of Bina Baitel - 'Confluentia'.

Bina Baitel, the Franco-Israeli-Swedish design prodigy was awarded the 2013 Premier Prix de la Cité Internationale de la tapisserie d’Aubusson in January for this sublime piece called Confluentia. The two small tables connected by an Aubusson tapestry create a new sort of lansdcape flowing from one to the other. Baitel has combined a middle Eastern influence (the user can sit, take tea and socialise on the carpet) with the Renaissance tradition of Aubusson workmanship which originated in central France to create a contemporary piece of breathtaking originality. Both poetic and supremely practical, the carpet makes us think of the serene blue waters of a deep lake rippling in flowing concentric circles. 
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